Aperitifs and Spritz


  1. Spritz*
  2. Home made alcoholic and non-alcoholic aperitifs
  3. Nibbles from the House

Call for information and reservations: 041 907238

* Spritz: it is of Trevigiana origin, perhaps born in a period between the end of the 1700s and the beginning of the 1800s, during the Austrian domination in the Lombard-Venetian period. It was precisely the Austrian soldiers to dilute the Prosecco with seltz and, therefore, to spread this drink. The name spritz is derived from the German term “spritzen” which means spraying. Our Spritz recipe: Ingredients for a great cocktail: Aperol 1/3, absolutely Prosecco Wine 1/3, seltz 1/3. Then 3 ice cubes and a slice of orange. To prepare the spritz, start by cutting the orange into wedges. Put the ice in the glass. Fill a third of a glass with the Aperol and a third with the Prosecco wine. Finally sprinkle the soda in the glass. And garnish with the orange slice.

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